Creative Mestizo

Poo Surf

If it was clean it would be so much fun.

It is a fact that the world's cities have grown haphazardly. This is reflected in countless places these large urban centers. Perhaps the streams, rivers, lakes and seas are the margin of these centers are the most affected by this public contempt.

To expose this for the population of my hometown Porto Alegre , I and crew decided to expose how much fun it would be if we could enjoy surfing these natural spaces, what are now in total abandonment situation.

To make it work this point of surfing, it was necessary that it rained a lot in the city. Unfortunately when we surfed at this point we were in the middle of one the strongest storm already reached our town. Then it has become a hot topic in the whole country and a sort of joke on the internet. They called us Poo surfers and on this context they weren't wrong.