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Is it raining?

It was July 2014 the city of São Paulo, as well as many other states , is in imminent risk of water shortage.

But public agencies do little to alert the public , the limited information in the media are rare and disparate, what is the real situation of water in the country? All we know is that needs rain in Cantareira, main water reservoir of the state of São Paulo. As emphasized this problem in the largest city of the country?

It was in this context that, I and a great friend Mauro Mandil built a dynamic way to communicate and generate conversation about it. chuveunacantareira.com.br responds quickly and directly " Yes" or "No" in real time the main São Paulo water reservoirs.

#água (via Link Estadão)

Posted by Estadão on Saturday, September 27, 2014


Posted by Bruno Matos on Monday, November 3, 2014