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The Playful Revolution

Ben & Jerry's was arriving in Brazil. The ice cream would sell itself. The company's vision still had to be connected to the cultural context, in an earthy and impactful way.

The local launch framework is composed of a series of warm urban interactions through which Ben and Jerry's recognizes and supports emerging causes and transformative individuals.

Sempre que chegamos em uma cidade temos a missão de ficar ligados no que acontece com a comunidade local. Em São Paulo,...

Posted by Ben & Jerry's on Monday, October 20, 2014

A gente acha que seria muito bacana o fechamento do Minhocão também aos sábados. Ao invés de ser demolido, acreditamos que a melhor ideia é torná-lo um parque suspenso!

Posted by Ben & Jerry's on Thursday, May 28, 2015

The fundamental elements: Ideas and assets for the community.

Picnic: For the store opening, the iconic Oscar Freire Street was turned into a livable garden. The closest neighbors were the first to be invited with handwritten letters.

Kombi: An independent vehicle that's delivering ice cream and basic services to political gatherings around São Paulo.

Dim-Dim: A limited currency that rewards urban activists with scoops. It flows organically within the community, as a symbol of recognition to great projects and initiatives.

Social Narrative: An on-going documentary of every interaction and story, which can be followed through social media.

The project is led by Rodrigo Guima, a Social Artist that articulates the community.

Num domingão de sol, o Minhocão foi tomado por um enorme mercado das pulgas e a comunidade teve a chance de ver como o...

Posted by Ben & Jerry's on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Que alegria foi ver a Av. Paulista cheia de bicicletas! Nós estávamos por lá para comemorar a inauguração da ciclovia e levar #pazamoresorvete pra todo mundo! \o/Fotos: Giselle Galvão

Posted by Ben & Jerry's on Tuesday, July 21, 2015