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Noncancellable Newsletter

A thought-provoking tool that helps people monitor their candidates after the elections.

The client: a brazilian startup that offer advanced media monitoring services for businesses. The context: elections in a country where short-term memory and corruption dominate politics. The tool: a newsletter that uses the company's cutting-edge algorithms to keep citizens up-to-date.

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Monitor the present.
Transform the future.

30 thousand subscribers and growing. The campaign became hot topic of discussion on media: more than 4 million dollars in spontaneous media in 127 different channels. An important discussion for the country was raised and the startup saw a 300% increase of trials on their business products.

O 'Newsletter Incancelável' é uma ideia daquelas. Ela gera resultados para os negócios do cliente mas ao mesmo tempo...

Posted by Lucas Mello on Monday, April 27, 2015

Você acompanhou o que fizeram os candidatos que elegeu na última eleição? O voto consciente na urna é importante, mas...

Posted by Revista Superinteressante on Monday, September 1, 2014